Connecting Facebook Lead Ads to FunnelBud

Connecting Facebook Lead Ads to FunnelBud is relatively easy, but requires a Zapier account. If you don't have a Zapier account and wish to use FunnelBud's account (at the same cost as a direct account, we will invoice you), please contact support. Read more about setting up Facebook Lead Ads in Facebook here.


Facebook has a number of useful analytics for Lead Ads, however it is very important that in FunnelBud we know where these leads came from. Therefore, you should set up a campaign and a workflow to assign that campaign when contacts complete your lead ad forms. Campaigns cannot be assigned through Zapier directly, so you'll need to use a custom field to trigger the campaign membership.

Before you start, decide how much information/granularity you require from Lead Ads.

  1. Is it enough to know that the contact came from any Lead Ad? Or,
  2. Do you need to report on how many leads came from each specific Lead Ads campaign?

Facebook Steps:

  1. Create your Lead Ads forms. You will need at least one form to be set up before you can continue with the other steps.

FunnelBud Steps:

  1. Start by creating a new Custom Field, call it Facebook Lead Ad Campaign (or something else that will make sense to you). This field will contain the Facebook Lead Ad Form ID
    1. Field Type: Text Input
    2. Availability: Do not make available in Forms, Emails or Contact Manager
  2. Create a new Campaign with appropriate tags.
    1. If you decided to use the same campaign for all lead ads, you'll only need 1 campaign called "Facebook Lead Ads". Otherwise, create a campaign for each lead ad form (or form topic, to save on campaigns)
    2. Your campaigns don't need any tracking rules and all settings can be left as their default values.
  3. Next, create a new Visual Workflow. Please watch the video for instructions

Creating/Updating the Visual Workflow


Zapier Steps:

  • Map all available contact fields
  • Map the Form ID to the custom field you created in FunnelBud.