Tracking Pages/blogs as Campaigns

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Why track blog articles as campaigns? We find that it is incredibly helpful to know which of our content pieces are generating organic traffic to our website as well as converting leads, and ultimately resulting in sales. Without this, the only information we'd seen in our reports is "Direct Traffic". Of course you can do the same of any other important pages on your website, we simply find this methodology most useful for Blogs.

  1. Create a new Campaign and give it a good name. All of your assets should follow a good naming convention, feel free to use your own. For our blog pages we use:

    1. Blog - [Article Name]

  2. Add appropriate Group Tags (related: grouping by tags). We recommend these tags:

    1. "Blog Article"

    2. Article Topic (if this topic is something that you regularly post about)

    3. Author Name (if you have multiple authors)

  3. Scroll down to Tracking Rules

    1. Select the site where the blog is hosted

    2. Take the URL to your article, and remove the domain part ( For example:

      1. Your Article URL:

      2. Your Tracking Rule: /en/blog/how-to-calculate-nps-score/ (make sure to keep the first forward slash!)

    3. Add the tracking rule to your campaign

  4. Untick "Allow social posts to be associated with this campaign"

  5. Click Save Changes