Funnel Tracking

You will want to have a campaign for each source that may drive visitors that are important for you to measure, and the funnel conversion page.

Do this:

  1. If you're planning to use paid advertising for this campaign, create a campaign for that and use the following parameters:

    • Campaign name: "Campaign-name_channel_paid" (for example: "November_campaign_Linkedin_Paid")

    • Create a campaign tag called: "Campaign-name" and add it to your campaign. Use this for all campaigns related to this initiative / funnel you want to track so that you can group them all into a single report.

    • In the tracking parameter, use: "utm_campaign=your-campaign-name-paid" (or whatever campaign name you use to track this in Google Analytics), for example "utm_campaign=november_campaign_linkedin_paid".

    • Leave attribution weight as neutral, tick perpetual, untick "social media" at the bottom.

  2. If you're planning to use regular social media posts for this and want to track those separately, create another campaign, this time call it "Campaign-name_channel_organic" (for example "November_campaign_social_organic"). Do the tracking parameter like above but with this naming structure. This time, leave the "social media" tickbox at the bottom ticked. Everything else like above.

  3. Repeat this for any other channel or medium you want to track.

  4. For any social media posts, ads or other links that point to your landing page, append the relevant above UTM-parameter to the URL. If you don't know how, go to and add both your landing page URL and the campaign name (excluding the "utm_campaign=" part), and you will get the URL. Use this URL in your post/ad/link to your page. This way, FunnelBud will know your visitors came to your page through that campaign.

  5. Create a new Custom Reporting Dashboard to track your visitors, leads, opps and other things you want to track for this campaign. Do this by adding any widgets you wish, then edit the filter at the very left so that only leads with this campaign associated with them will be visible in the report, and edit the time range to "all time". Now you will be able to see everything you want for leads associated with this campaign!