Email: Segmenting different CTA's to the same page in Automations

If you need to have multiple Calls to Action in an email, and need to automate things based on which CTA was clicked, you will need a way of making the links unique, even though they go to the same page.

The best way to do this is to add a UTM code at the end of the link, for example:

You can then create a page view rule in your automation, adding a double wildcard at the end of the link (because FunnelBud adds more parameters at the end of the link for tracking purposes). So your page view rule should look like this:

Adding Anchor tags may seem like a good option, however FunnelBud places them at the end of the URL, which makes creating the page view rules much more complicated. For example, the page view rule may have to look like this:

As opposed to this:

Note that they are both on the same page, but the first rule is vastly more complex.