FunnelBud Ads

Ads allows you to show retargeting ads to your web visitors.

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For US-based contacts, you can also sync your marketing lists from FunnelBud and proacively show ads to them. Hit "Retarget List" in Lists, and this list will show up as an audience in your Ads. This will only work for lists with 100 contacts or more, and it will take 3 days for a 3rd party service to try to establish tracking for these contacts.

Which pages can it retarget people on?

It connects to multiple so called "ad exchanges" and can follow people on many different sites across many different countries.

Can it retarget site visitors even if they haven't submitted a form and don't exist as contacts in FunnelBud?

Yes. As long as they visited one of your pages with the FunnelBud tracking code.

Can we retarget people in FunnelBud lists even if they never visited our site?

Yes, but this only works for US-based contacts at the moment.

Do I need to add a tracking code to my website to start using SharpSpring Ads

If you already have FunnelBud tracking code installed on your website you will NOT need to add any other tag from Perfect Audience for retargeting to work.

Does the tracking code slow down my website or hurt SEO?

Short answer: No, because it loads asynchronously (async).

Long answer below:

You may be looking at "Load Time" and assuming that FunnelBud's (or Chatbot) tracking scripts slow your site down and therefore affecting SEO.

However, the metric you might be looking at is in that case most likely including asyncronous (async) code in the total load time, but this does not affect SEO.

Async (or defer, another method), means that the code loads after the document is completed. Therefore, it does not affect user experience, and has either insignificant or no impact on SEO.

We tested our own site on and there was no mention of any of FunnelBud's scripts, including Perfect Audience and Chatbot, that would cause usability or SEO.

In fact, it explicitly mentions that Perfect Audience and Chatbot do not not block main-thread (0ms main-thread blocking time each): Screenshot. This is because the code loads async.

Here's what Google say (source):

How do you load third-party script efficiently?

If a third-party script is slowing down your page load, you have several options to improve performance:

  • Load the script using the async or defer attribute to avoid blocking document parsing.

  • Consider self-hosting the script if the third-party server is slow.

  • Consider removing the script if it doesn't add clear value to your site.

  • Consider Resource Hints like <link rel=preconnect> or <link rel=dns-prefetch> to perform a DNS lookup for domains hosting third-party scripts.

The bolded bullet (load async) is what we're referring to above, and both Chatbot and Perfect Audience do that. A bit further down on the same article, there is a nice picture explaining how the size of the file will not have any effect if the script is loading async. Therefore, the fact that these applications themselves may load slow or fast does not have any impact on SEO performance or user experience.

Neil Patel has done a fantastic study detailing what impacts SEO. The conclusion is that first_byte is by far the most significant contributor, with doc_complete and start_render together making up almost as significant impact. Since the FunnelBud tracking codes are async, they don't affect these metrics.

Or as Neil puts it: "After the document is completed, it is normal for the asynchronous code to start running and loading more items. This does not stop the user from interacting with the site so it is usually not considered to be part of the page load time."

Therefore, the FunnelBud tracking code does not affect your site's SEO.

(We recommend reading Neil's full article. It is highly enlightening for anyone interested in how page speed affects SEO!)

How can I disable Perfect Audience from the tracking code?

You can disable Perfect Audience by adding a snippet of script to your tracking code. The snippet should be added after the trackPageView call, and should be entered as follows _ss.push([‘_disablePA’]);

Once this is updated, it should stop the Perfect Audience code from running. Please note that doing this will cause Perfect Audience Ads functionality to completely disappear until this edit to the code is removed.

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