Verifying CNAME / DKIM / SPF Records

With FunnelBud, you will commonly require two different types of CNAME Records:

  1. 5x CNAME records for Email Authentication (3 CNAME records for each additional email domain that you want to send from)

  2. 1x CNAME record for each of your landing page domains.

Each CNAME record consists of two lines, we typically provide them to you in this format:


Points To:

In order to validate whether the CNAME records have been added (this does not verify that they are live globally, that can take up to 72 hours after being added in order for all DNS providers to have registered your new records):

  1. Go to

  2. In the box "Domain Name", enter the Name (referring to the format above, you would enter and click the MX Lookup button

  3. Below is a screenshot of how you can verify that the record was added and that it is correct (Link):