User Management

Creating new Users

  • Go to Settings > User Accounts

  • Click "+ New User"

  • Configure the user options (see the descriptions below)

  • Click "Save Changes" at the bottom right

Editing Users

  • Go to Settings > User Accounts

  • Click on the name of the user

  • Configure the user options (see the descriptions below)

  • Click "Save Changes" at the bottom right

Deactivating Users

  • Go to Settings > User Accounts

  • Select the gear icon next to the user

  • Click Deactivate

  • Tick the checkbox

  • Select another user to receive all of this person's leads, open opportunities, and reminders

  • Click Disable Account

How to change User Profile Photo

FunnelBud utilizes Gravatar to generate user profile photos.

To change your user profile photo:

  • Go to Settings > My Account in the left toolbar.

  • Click Change your avatar at link under your profile icon.

  • Click Sign In. You need to have a account in order to sign in. If you don't have one, please sign up on

  • Once signed in to Gravatar, you can add a new avatar for the email that you're using in your account, or change an existing one.

  • When you're done adding your avatar, FunnelBud will use that image as your profile photo.

Description of user options

  • Display Name: This is used across the system and can be used in emails

  • Email: This email address will receive login information, and can also be used in emails

  • Mobile Phone Number: Can be used in emails

  • Language: This is the language the user will see FunnelBud in

  • User Role: Select a user role. Find a full list of roles & permissions here

  • CRM Settings: Applies to Salesforce integrated accounts only

  • Administered Pipelines: These are the Sales Pipelines visible to the user

  • Notification Options:

    • Receive emails about web prospects for my company: Do you wish to receive the "Visitor ID Digest" of web visitors daily/weekly/never

    • Do not show me popup reminders: Don't display due and overdue reminders

    • Do not show me popup notifications when a lead opens a Smart Mail or clicks a link in a Smart Mail that I have sent: Popup notifications appear at the top right corner of the app, sales users that manage many leads may be inundated with notifications.

    • Do not send me notifications for social post or email send approval: If the user is allowed to create social posts and send emails, but doesn't have publishing permissions. Read more here

    • If not already setup, prompt user about Mail Sync with in-app messaging: Notify users to set up Email Sync if they haven't already

  • Email Sync Settings (displayed only when editing a user account): The information icon next to the heading will show any email sync errors, helpful for troubleshooting. The current configuration settings will be shown on the right, if set up.

Enabling or disabling system notifications and/or emails

Video on how to do this:

Other optional User Settings