Tracking Code

Tracking codes are Javascript code snippets. Once added to the HTML of a web page, these code snippets track, collect, and send website user activity. This data is sent to a website analytics platform or service. FunnelBud utilizes its own tracking and analytics services, and it provides ways to utilize Google Analytics.

Set up tracking code on website

Adding Websites

To begin tracking your website in FunnelBud, you will first need to add it to FunnelBud and generate a tracking code. To add your website to FunnelBud, do the following:

  1. In a browser tab, log in to FunnelBud.

  2. In FunnelBud's top toolbar, click New > Site.

  3. Enter a short name for your website.

  4. Select the website type.

  5. Enter the domain name URL.

  6. Click Add Site.

Copying Tracking Codes

Once you have added a website to FunnelBud, the website will be assigned a specific tracking code. This tracking code will need to be copied for use on your website. To copy a tracking code in FunnelBud, do the following:

  1. In FunnelBud's top toolbar, click User Settings > Settings

  2. In the menu that appears on the left panel, find Tracking > Sites.

  3. In that website’s settings page, click the Tracking Code tab.

  4. Copy the the tracking code.

Pasting Tracking Codes

Once you have added a site and copied that site's tracking code, you will need to paste the tracking code on your website, immediately before the closing </head> tag in every page or template on your site.

After 24 hours your Tracking Code will appear as Active: