Rebranding Checklist

These are the things that will need to be done when changing a FunnelBud account to a new brand name. This list is a guideline only, and your account setup may require additional steps.

Preparation Steps:

  1. Recreate Templates (Check costs with your Project Manager):
    1. Emails
    2. Landing Pages
    3. Forms & Thank You Pages
  2. Update Email Sending Domain (FunnelBud & Client jointly)
    1. Follow the DKIM setup steps here, contact FunnelBud Support for help
  3. Recreate or Update Live assets (Client or Outsourced):
    1. Recreate Workflow / Automated emails. Make sure to use the new domain as the From email address.
    2. Recreate live landing pages in the new template, and on the new domain. It is easier for later steps to use the same Slug, and just publish on the new Domain

Steps for the Go-Live date:

  1. Recreate or update live content assets (Client or Outsourced):
    1. Update forms with the new Stylesheet and Thank You page code
    2. Replace workflow emails with the new emails
    3. Update live links to landing pages to point towards the new pages
  2. Update Site tracking to the new domain (Client or Outsourced) - Two options:
    1. Update the domain on the existing site's settings. The analytics will be seamless from the old to the new site, and you can use the same tracking code as before.
    2. Create a new site tracking code, to keep analytics for old vs new site separated. You will need to use the new tracking code on the new site.
  3. Update your Company Name in your Settings profile (Client)