New website Checklist

Launch new website with the same domain name

Author: Marian SemchyshynContributors:

Actions which need to be done when launch new website:

These are the things that will need to be done when you launch new website with the same domain.

This list is a guideline only, and your FunnelBud account setup may require additional steps.

  1. Re-add Tracking code (FunnelBud & Client jointly).

  2. Re-validate CNAME records for DKIM & Landing pages (FunnelBud & Client jointly).

Please check that CNAMEs was verified after adding them (that can take up to 72 hours after being added in order for all DNS providers to have registered your new records).

3. Re-connect Forms:

  • FunnelBud Forms (FunnelBud and Client jointly). Add Forms embed codes to the new website.

  • Native Forms or Third-party forms (Client & FunnelBud as Outsourced work jointly). Re-connecting and mapping Native and Third-Party forms described here.

  • Check all Thank you pages links, re-create Thank you pages based on new styles and switch.

4. Recreate templates based on new website design (Client or Outsourced to FunnelBud - please check cost with your Project Manager):

    • Emails template

    • Landing page template

    • Forms Stylesheets and Thank You page code

5. Update links to pages in Lead scoring if needed.