month 1-2 set up

Verify your email domain

Use an email with the domain you will be sending from, e.g.:

Then log into your FunnelBud account and follow these instructions.

Set up CNAME records (Email & Landing Page)

Step 1: Set up CNAME records for Email

(Domain verification protects your branding and domain reputation, ensuring that only owners of a domain are able to send email on it's behalf.)

CNAME records to copy

Step 2: Set up CNAME records for the Landing page

(You will need to add a CNAME record to your tracked site in order to remove the within the URL. )

  • Decide on Landing Page subdomain (Suggested: You can set up several subdomains.

  • Ask your domain host to add and configure CNAME record settings:

Name: "" or "subdomain" (for example "" or just "content")

Points To: ""

More info:

Add CNAME records for Email & Landing pages to a Word/ Google sheets document and send over to your domain host (Binero, Loopia, GoDaddy etc). They will set it up for you.

Verified CNAME records will appear with green tick marks (the verification process can take up to 24 hours)

Create a landing page Site in FunnelBud

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Important information to update in your Company Profile

Go to Settings >> Company Profile

  • Company Information

FunnelBud will insert the postal address at the bottom of all emails you send to ensure compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.

  • Rebranding FunnelBud

Branding Logo - Each email you send through FunnelBud (excluding Smart emails) will continue an unsubscribe link, therefore it's important the unsubscribe page includes your company logo. It will also appear on internal email notifications and login screens.

  • Email Syncing

Tick "Prevent email between company employees from syncing with and being imported into SharpSpring."

FunnelBud strongly recommends checking the box that avoids any company emails sent between employees ending up alongside email correspondences unrelated to leads.

  • Global Campaign Attribution

For long sales cycles, the important information is where the lead originally came from - then it's first campaign the user visits.

For transactional sales (e-commerce etc.) , the important information is what caused the person to buy - then it's the last campaign the user visits.

  • Behavior of Lead Score Calculation

Pick "Use the decayed events to calculate lead scores (recommended) "

Using the decayed events to calculate lead scores will result in a more accurate interpretation of lead activity.

Understanding Lead Score Decay

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White-listing FunnelBud emails

The system sends a lot of internal notification emails, and sometimes these are interpreted as spam by your internal mail servers because of their volumes and similarity to each other. Since this happens so frequently, we recommend white-listing the notification sender to make sure that you and everyone at the company always get the notifications.

There will be different white-listing options depending on the type of mail server. Below are some general instructions for various types of white-listing, please forward this to your IT team:

  • By IP Address:

Get the latest SharpSpring IP address list from this doc:

  • White-list by specific domains:

White-list the domains: - for notification emails - for normal emails - for our emails to you

White-list for Office 365:

Follow this help doc, number 7:

There are instructions for adding email domains to an Allow list. You should allow emails from your own domain for normal emails, and for notification emails.

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