Syncing Office 365

Syncing Office365 and FunnelBUd

You can sync Office365 accounts with FunnelBud.

To sync Office365 accounts with FunnelBud, do the following:

  1. Click User Menu > Settings in FunnelBud's top-right toolbar.

  2. Click Mail Sync, located under My Account in the left panel.

  3. Click Office365 under Choose your provider.

  4. Enter your Office365 username into the Username field.

  5. Enter your Office365 password into the Password field.

  6. Click Connect.

  7. Select the desired inbox for syncing in the Inbox drop-down menu.

  8. Select the desired outbox for syncing in the Outbox drop-down menu.

  9. Click Finish.

Turn on IMAP for all or specific IPs

Please note that in the current version of the email sync, either IMAP must be open, or the following IP addresses must be whitelisted by your Office 365 administrator in order for IMAP syncing to work:







If they are not, you will get an error message when trying to connect.

If your Mail Sync Connection requires attention Error

If you want to sync SMTP as well (to be able to send Outlook emails from FunnelBud), your Office 365 admin needs to have turned on SMTP for your company for all IP address ranges. See here how that's done:

Note: If you haven't done this, you may get an error message shown in the screenshot below, but your emails will still sync, you just won't be able to use the full functionality of the "Smart Emails" feature - i.e. sending emails from FunnelBud via your own Outlook.

If you need to Reset Mail Sync

To be done by an Office 365 administrator:

1. Go to the user's settings, and click on Disconnect Mail Sync (this needs to be done by a FunnelBud administrator )

2. Ask an administrator in their Microsoft account to verify that SMTP is currently enabled:

  • Open the Microsoft 365 admin center and go to Users > Active users.

  • Select the user, and in the flyout that appears, click Mail.

  • In the Email apps section, click Manage email apps.

  • Verify the Authenticated SMTP setting: checked = enabled.

  • When you're finished, click Save changes.

More info:

3. After disconnecting from Mail Sync, ask the users to connect again. This time they can log in with the feature "Sign In With Microsoft." button.

To be done by the user:

Please ask users to follow these steps when reconnecting:

  1. Log out of the Microsoft 365 Account and clear their browser's cache

  2. Click on Disconnect Mail Sync (on their user's settings)

  3. Click User Menu > Settings in SharpSpring's top toolbar.

  4. Click Mail Sync, located under My Account in the left panel.

  5. Click Sign in with Microsoft.

  6. Enter your Microsoft Office365 email address in the Email, phone, or Skype field.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Enter your Microsoft Office365 email password in the Password field.

  9. Click Sign in.

  10. Click either Yes or No to determine how Microsoft will keep you logged in to your Microsoft Office365 account.

What do we do if we have 2 Factor Authentication (MFA) set up in Office 365?

Please read use app passwords.

Why was my email sync disconnected?

Most likely, it is due to a password change on your side. If so, please try to log in again using the above methods.