1. Create subfolders which you planning to sync to FunnelBud:

  • In the Office, in the menu on the left find find "folders"

  • Click on it and choose "create new folder"

  • Name it and hit "enter"

  • Your folder will be created

2. Disable Mail sync in FunnelBud (if you had it connected previously):

Disable mail sync.mp4

3. Connect your Office365 account with FunnelBud system (please follow steps below):

Please add subfolders that you created earlier and which you want to sync to FunnelBud under Inbox and Outbox fields.

4. After that you can drag and drop emails (that you want to sync to Funnelbud) from Outbox OR Inbox folders into subfolders that we built and emails will be added to Funnelbud during 15 - 45 minutes.