This page is intended for FunnelBud customers on the Starter package, which excludes Onboarding. If you have purchased any other package you can still read these articles, but we'll walk you through everything listed here during your regular meetings as well.

Setting up your Account

  1. Important Usage Policies you should know about

  2. FunnelBud walkthrough [create a video with brief overview of what each feature does, and where to find it - just high level, no How To's] - SAM

  3. Important information to update in your Company Profile

  4. Email Verification & DKIM

  5. Set up Site Tracking & landing page site

  6. Importing Contacts or migrating from another CRM - can outsource to us

  7. White-listing FunnelBud emails - ensure that you receive important notifications

Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing with FunnelBud

  1. Blog: How to get started with Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation

  2. Slideshow: 3 marketing processes

Learning to use the system

  1. Setting up Email Sync

  2. Everything you need to know about FunnelBud tracking [email tracking, media center, site tracking, resolving mismatches]

  3. Landing page templates

  4. email templates

  5. sending emails

  6. Creating campaigns & tracking inbound lead sources

  7. Replacing existing forms with FunnelBud forms or integrating them directly

  8. Integrating FunnelBud with external systems (CRM's, online sheets, event systems)