App Password

Who is this for: If you have 2FA and App Passwords enabled in Office365 and want to sync using an App Password rather than "Connect with Microsoft".

Note 1: Please make sure the pre-requisites described on the parent page are met.

Note 2: If your sync is already connected and you want to reconnect, you have to disconnect it first from the users list: Go here (user list), click on the user to disconnect, scroll to the bottom and disconnect. IMPORTANT: Select "Keep all previously synced email communication". (Note: You have to be an admin to do this. Otherwise, ask an admin or email FunnelBud to do it.)


  1. Create an App Password in Office 365:

    1. Go to Security Info in Office 365

    2. Click "Add Method" and add "App Password"

    3. Name it “FunnelBud Sync”

    4. Copy the password you get

    5. Important: Save the password somewhere in your computer, you might need it in the future.

    6. (If needed, here are the full instructions from Microsoft: Microsoft help)

  2. Go to Mail Sync settings in FunnelBud

  3. Select "Custom".

  4. Enter these details:

    1. Username - Your Office 365 email address

    2. Password - The App Password you created

    3. Host -

    4. Port - 993

    5. Use TLS

    6. Self-Signed Certificate - Unchecked

If it connects, great! If you have a lot of unsynced emails in your inbox and outbox, it might take several days for all of them to sync.

If it doesn't connect (some error message), please wait a few hours and then try again with the same App Password (sometimes it takes several hours before Office 365 allows you to use that password). If it still doesn't work after that, check if your Office 365 admin has allowed IMAP for the IP addresses below for your company.

If you want to sync SMTP as well (to be able to send Outlook emails from FunnelBud): Use the following details:

  1. Hostname:

  2. Port: 587

  3. Use TLS


Should we connect with the "Custom" method or "Office 365" method if we're using an app password?

No, it does not matter. The "Custom" method is just a way to add your own host and port settings, meant primarily for usage on other frameworks where we don't have set methods, but it can be used on Office 365 as well.