Creating and Deleting Pipeline Stages

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Editing and Creating Pipelines in FunnelBud.mp4

This video shows you how to edit pipelines using the Pipeline Editor

To create a new Pipeline Stage:

  1. Go to Settings > Pipeline Editor (or Click Here)

  2. Click on the gear/cog icon at the top right

  3. Click + Pipeline Stage

  4. Set the options for the pipeline stage:

    1. Deal Stage Name

    2. Pipeline: Select which pipeline this deal stage should be used in. Deal stages can only be used in one pipeline.

    3. Default Probability: This is the likelihood that the deal will be closed as Won if it reaches this stage. Opportunities will have their probability updated if they move into this stage, unless their probability was manually changed in the past (because we often have more information about the likelihood of a given deal closing).

    4. Description: This is to help Sales understand the meaning of the deal stage.

    5. Opportunity Health Warnings: This option is used to create the Opportunity Health Report, a measure of whether opportunities are being followed up on regularly enough. If you don't use this report or aren't familiar with it yet, you can leave these options with default settings and adjust them later.

      1. Expected Pipeline Stage Length: This is how long you expect Opportunities to be in the pipeline before they are closed. When an opportunity has been open for half this time, warnings are displayed on the Opportunity Health Report if there haven't been sufficient follow-ups.

      2. Low Engagement: This is how many email replies (only applies when Email Sync is enabled) or answered calls (measured through Call Logging) there should be to remove the low engagement warning on the Opportunity Health Report

      3. Sales Outreach: This is how many emails should be sent or calls should be made to remove the Low Outreach warning on the Opportunity Health Report.

    6. Follow Up Policy (Optional): This option is used in the Follow Up report, which measures whether Sales people are engaging with their opportunities often enough. Here you can set how often salespeople should send emails or log calls.

    7. Additional Settings (Optional):

      1. Stage Transition Field Highlighting: Select which fields should be highlighted when an opportunity reaches this stage, to help salespeople know which fields should be completed by then.

      2. Stage Transition Tooltip Message: This is the message to be displayed when the salesperson hovers over the information icon on these highlighted fields.

To Delete a pipeline stage

  1. Go to Settings > Pipeline Editor (or Click Here)

  2. Click the ⋮ icon next to the pipeline stage you want to delete

  3. Click Delete from the dropdown menu

  4. Choose another pipeline stage that should receive all Opportunities that are currently in the stage you're trying to delete

  5. Type out DELETE in the confirmation box

  6. Click the "Delete Deal Stage" button