Lead Score Optimization

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Lead Score Optimization

Lead scoring is a measure of a contact's engagement with your content - website, emails, media assets and so on. When you start setting up your lead scores initially, chances are that they won't flag exactly the right contacts - you aren't yet scoring the right activities with the right scores. We suggest setting up your Hot lead threshold (Workflow Rule Summary above) to somewhere between 50 and 100. If you get too many leads that aren't really hot, increase the score in the workflow. If you get too few leads (or none) and you do see leads that you would consider Hot in the system, lower the score in the workflow.

Once you seem to be getting the right numbers of leads, you should update your lead scoring rules so that it is more accurate as an indicator of highly engaged and ready-to-be-sold-to leads:

  • Whenever you find a Hot lead that you don't actually consider to be Hot, browse through their lead score breakdown and Life of the Lead to see how they got their high score. Consider which actions should receive less points, and update the lead scoring rules.

  • Whenever you get a Hot lead that you would have considered Hot for a while, this means that they were not scored high enough soon enough. Browse through their activities and lead score breakdown, see which ones indicate buying behavior, and then add custom lead scoring rules for those actions with an appropriate score.

Buying behaviors could be things like:

  • Viewing your pricing pages

  • Viewing product sheets

  • Viewing case studies

  • etc.

Eventually when you find that your leads are marked Hot at the right stage of engagement, the marketing team no longer needs to review new Hot leads, they can go directly to the Sales team. At this point you can update your automation rules so that when leads reach a critical lead score, they are marked with the lead status of Qualified and the Lifecycle Stage of Hot, skipping the "Marketing Qualified Lead" status altogether.