Advanced FunnelBud Reports

Written by: Sheryll Chua

Reporting is an important process that involves identifying, tracking, gathering, visualizing and analyzing data. This is especially true for marketing and sales where data is crucial in determining if your marketing and sales efforts are paying off.

A good marketing and sales report:

  • gives you a full picture of your marketing campaigns and how they affect sales and revenue

  • helps you uncover meaningful, actionable data that allows you to make well-informed decisions and create better plans and strategies

  • shows you if you're hitting your marketing goals and more importantly, if the goals you've set align with the company's overall goals

This is why, aside from the built-in reporting tools in FunnelBud, we also provide advanced FunnelBud reports that are tailor-fit to your business processes. We see the need for these kinds of customized reports and understand how these can be a valuable addition to the features that already available inside the system.

These customized reports can be:

  • detailed and specific - providing you with granular details of the KPIs that are relevant to your needs and requirements

  • concise and high level - allowing you to have a high level view of the metrics that directly affect your major goals

Samples of advanced FunnelBud reports

FunnelBud Reporting Process

FunnelBud Reporting is a 3-stage process which aims to help you use FunnelBud data in achieving your business goals.