Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is a retargeting platform that allows you to retarget any visitor to your page or people who are in your FunnelBud lists. (Note: Retargeting of people in FunnelBud lists is currently only applicable for US leads and minimum people need to be in a list for list syncing to work is 100.)

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Here's some common questions about it:

Which pages can it retarget people on?

It connects to multiple so called "ad exchanges" and can follow people on many different sites across many different countries.

Can it retarget site visitors even if they haven't submitted a form and don't exist as contacts in FunnelBud?

Yes. As long as they visited one of your pages with the FunnelBud tracking code.

Can we retarget people in FunnelBud lists even if they never visited our site?

Yes. When you sync a list from FunnelBud, it will send those contacts and their details to a third-party service which tries to establish tracking on those emails.

(Note: This process takes up to three days. During that time, the synced list will be shown as Pending in Perfect Audience.)

What is the minimum budget for a Perfect audience campaign is ?

Minimum budget for a Perfect audience campaign is $25/week ?

Do I need to add a tracking code to my website to start using Perfect Audience

If you already have FunnelBud tracking code installed on your website you will NOT need to add any other tag from Perfect Audience for retargeting to work.