Paid Services

Guidelines for ordering additional paid services

This guide is to help you put all of your content together quickly and easily, and minimize back and forth of questions after ordering.

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Landing Pages

Landing Page

      1. URL Extension / Slug
      2. Page Title
      3. Editable text in the top header/menu bar
      4. Heading/s
      5. Image
      6. Text


    1. Heading & Optional Text
    2. Fields
    3. Button Text

Thank You Page

      1. Page Title
      2. Heading
      3. Text
      4. Image


      1. Download Media (PDF Whitepaper/guide etc.)
      2. Which Mediums will this be posted to (for campaign links)?

Landing Page

Thank You Page


  1. Subject Line
  2. Content & Images - word doc is often easiest

Media Center Asset

  1. Asset Filename
  2. Asset File

Nurturing Workflows

  1. Which emails should be included? (email text/ subject line)
  2. How many days waiting time should there be between each email? We recommend anywhere from 2 days to 1 week between emails. If you plan to send more than 5 emails, it may be a good idea to send the 6th email and onward 2+ weeks apart. In general, your waiting period should be longer for a longer sales cycle.
  3. Do you want to be notified when a contact is added to the workflow? Which user should be notified?
  4. Should we add the contact to a new list when they complete the workflow (for long term nurturing)?

Blog post

  1. Title
  2. Text
  3. URL Extension
  4. Feature Image
  5. Bottom Banner
  6. Side Banner