Navigating FunnelBud using the dock

The Dock is the new icon-based navigation system that replaces the top menu navigation bar. It provides access to any feature you need—no matter where you are in FunnelBud.

To open the dock, hover your cursor over the 3 dot icon on the left toolbar.

Important: The Dock displays a different set of icons for each user role, based on user role permissions. Click here for a full breakdown of which features each user role has access to.

Available Features and Tools

The Dock displays all of FunnelBud's most important features and tools as icons.

Click here for a description of all the icons available in the dock.

Additional Icon Information

Icons sometimes have text or other imagery encircling them as shown below, to indicate new, beta, or frequently used features.

Advantages of the Dock-based navigation

  1. You can access the Dock at any time and from any page in FunnelBud

  2. The Dock shows what features are new or are in a beta state, which alerts you to which features are being added to FunnelBud.

  3. The Dock highlights the features you use the most, so you can easily pick up where you last left off.