How to set up events in Eventbrite

Written by: Sheryll Chua

Standard settings

  1. Log in to Eventbrite.
  2. At the top right corner of the Eventbrite dashboard, click Create events.
  3. To access existing events, click the avatar icon to open menu and click Manage events.
  4. Fill out the following sections:
    1. Basic info - event name, location, category, organizer, date and time
    2. Details - event main image, description and other details
    3. Tickets - ticket type (paid, free, donation), price, quantity, selling date period, number of tickets allowed per registration. Venue capacity is enabled if you create more than 1 ticket.
    4. Order options
      1. Order form - information you'd like to collect during registration, other registration details
      2. Order confirmation - the email that guests will receive after registration
      3. Event type and language
      4. Waitlist settings - if you'd like to enable waitlist during registration, this settings include waitlist size and emails you can send to guests on the waitlist
    5. Invite & Promote
      1. Email invitations - if you like to send email invitations to a list of contacts
    6. Manage Attendees
      1. Emails to Attendees - email reminders and other emails that you'd like to send to you guests before and after the event
    7. Settings
      1. Privacy - choose if your event is private or public

Other important settings

  1. Order options
    1. Manage waitlist - where you can see all guests in the waitlist
  2. Manage Attendees
    1. Order - where you can see all guests who registered. This is also where you can edit information submitted by the guests, add notes or cancel their registration
    2. Check-in - where you can check in all attendees.