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How does SP work with Eventbrite for 20 events/year and many simultaneously?

A) If we want to send reminders from FunnelBud, same for all events:

A1) I assume we'll use a time-based general "reminder for events" AG, and add it to the "All Events" branch of the VW?

Sam: Yes, if the same reminder content works for all events. We can merge in any of the event details provided by EventBrite.

A2) Will this limit us to having only one parallel event because we'll be using merge variables which will be replaced if they register for two different events, right?

Sam: No, it is fine to have reminders running for multiple events simultaneously. This is only a problem when cancellations are required (not possible to cancel one version of the reminders only).

A3) Which custom fields can we get?

Sam: From EventBrite? It looks to me as if they send ALL meta information for the event when someone registers, too much to list. You can check the sample data on the trigger in this zap:

B) Any disadvantage of using EB for all reminders as well and only use FunnelBud for invites and post-event emails?

Sam: Clicks from reminder emails are not tracked - this can be offset with strong CTA's to the website in the other emails sent from FunnelBud. Look and feel may be significantly different

C) If we want to send different and unique reminders for each event, and send from FunnelBud:

C1) Will we need to build a unique time-based AG for each event, and attach it to the specific event branch of each VW, right?

Sam: Yes, but this can be minimized by using merge variables of EB meta information and reusing the same reminders for similar events.

C2) Then unlimited events parallel, right? Because here we'll not use merge variables in emails, and customer needs to create new emails for each event, right?

Sam: Merge variables are not an issue when cancellations are not a requirement. They are scheduled with the current custom field data just after registering - if the field value changes, reminders are not affected. So Yes, unlimited parallel events are possible. Only limitation is FunnelBud email sending limits and Zapier capacity, which is not really significant. Note that each registered contact will consume 3 Zapier tasks (still reasonable).

D) For customer who is going to do 20 events per year, which approach do you recommend?

Sam: Definitely the EB integration, it is very simple per event, no other solution requires this little work per event.

If it turns out that EB is not an option for some reason, I suggest this alternative:

  1. FunnelBud landing page with registration form
  2. VW for registering to each event
  3. Action group for each event's reminders (can be re-used for similar events)
  4. FunnelBud manual list for registrants
  5. No cancellations

Setting up events manually like this is rather simple, most complexity results from:

  1. Requiring cancellations where reminders are shared across different events.
  2. If reminders are not shared, cancellations can simply remove the reminder workflow - requires a new reminder AG for each event, even if it repeats and uses the same emails. We don't need to worry about people registering and cancelling more than 2 times, really unlikely to happen, worst case scenario they just don't get reminders for this 1 event.
  3. Guest invites
  4. Manually registering contacts for events in FunnelBud.