Webinars and Events

Creating Webinar/Event Automations

Creating Automations for an Event or a Webinar is essentially the same, so all examples below will refer to a Webinar for simplicity.

A webinar Automation consists of two parts:

  1. The Auto-Response (with a few other actions)

  2. The Reminders / Follow-Ups, normally along with a content drip

How this works:

When someone signs up for a Webinar, a workflow is triggered and sends the auto-response email, adds the lead to a registration list, and sets the webinar date in a custom field.

When the custom field is set to the webinar date, this triggers a time-based Action Group. This sends the reminder emails and a set of follow-up drip emails, relative to the webinar date (instead of immediately sending the emails, as a normal action group would).

Make sure you have a date custom field

If you have a field already that you can reuse, you don't need to create a new one. To create a new one:

  1. Create a Date-Time Picker type custom field.

  2. Name it: Webinar Date.

  3. Optionally make visible and available in the Contact Manager.

Create a list

  • Make a new Manual List: Webinar Registration.

Create your Emails

Create all your emails and put them in a folder for this event.

1. Auto-Response

2. The Reminders

You can set up 1 or more reminders, we recommend no more than 3

3. The Drip

You can create any number of emails that are sent after the webinar. These emails can thank the lead for attending (and optionally link to a recording of the webinar if they missed it), send related content and offers of products/services related to the event. Following general content marketing best practices is important, every email (including offers) should be valuable independently from the product/service offering. This value is normally in the form of industry advice/best practices.

Your Webinar Email folder may look like this.

The Automation - SiGNUP

Visual Workflow: Webinar Signup

  • Trigger: When a contact Fills out the form Webinar Registration 1 time or more

Action Group: Webinar Signup

  1. Set the Webinar Date field to the date and time of the Webinar

  2. Add to the webinar List

  3. Send the Auto-Response Email


  • Send a notification to someone

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The Automation - REMINDers & Drip

Visual Workflow: Webinar Reminders & Drip

Trigger: When a contact Fills out the form Webinar Registration 1 time or more

Action Group: FunnelBud Webinar Startup


Make sure to select the option Create a time-based action group utilizing the custom field.


  1. Send the Reminder emails before the webinar date

  2. Send the Drip emails after the webinar date -

We recommend anywhere from 2 days to 1 week between emails. If you plan to send more than 5 emails, it may be a good idea to send the 6th email and onward 2+ weeks apart. In general, your time spacing should be longer for a longer sales cycle.


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