Webinars and Events

Creating Webinar/Event Automations

Creating Automations for an Event or a Webinar is essentially the same, so all examples below will refer to a Webinar for simplicity.

A webinar Automation consists of two parts:

  1. The Auto-Response (with a few other actions)
  2. The Reminders / Follow-Ups, normally along with a content drip

How this works:

When someone signs up for a Webinar, a workflow is triggered and sends the auto-response email, adds the lead to a registration list, and sets the webinar date in a custom field.

When the custom field is set to the webinar date, this triggers a time-based Action Group. This sends the reminder emails and a set of follow-up drip emails, relative to the webinar date (instead of immediately sending the emails, as a normal action group would).

Webinar Components

Setting up a Webinar Automation requires you to create a number of components (Visual Workflows, Action Groups, Custom Field, List). This guide assumes that you have the knowledge to create these components as needed, Click Here to see screenshots and more details of how these might look.

These components are named for simplicity, however it is a good idea to add a date to everything (in case you run more webinars in future)

first you will need

To create the following components:

  • Make a new Manual List: Webinar Registration
  • Make a new Custom Field: Webinar Date - make this a Date-Time picker type field. This can optionally be visible and available in the Contact Manager

Click Here for screenshots

The Auto-Response

The auto-response consists of a normal Workflow and an attached Action Group:

Workflow: Webinar Signup

Trigger: When a contact Fills out the form Webinar Registration 1 time or more

Action Group: Webinar Signup

  1. Send the Auto-Response email
  2. Set the Webinar Date field to the date and time of the Webinar
  3. Add to the registration list


  • Send a notification to someone

Click Here for Screenshots

The Follow-Up and Drip

The follow-up and drip consists of a normal Workflow and a time-based Action Group

Workflow: Webinar Reminders & Drip

Trigger: When a contact Fills out the form Webinar Registration 1 time or more

Action Group: FunnelBud Webinar Startup

  1. Send the Reminder emails before the webinar date
  2. Send the Drip emails after the webinar date -

We recommend anywhere from 2 days to 1 week between emails. If you plan to send more than 5 emails, it may be a good idea to send the 6th email and onward 2+ weeks apart. In general, your time spacing should be longer for a longer sales cycle.


  • Send a notification to a user

Click Here for Screenshots