Woodpecker and FunnelBud

Woodpecker is an outbound email marketing tool that you can use to send cold email. You can integrate it with FunnelBud via Zapier.

Woodpecker - FunnelBud Integration Setup:

  • Cold email list will be imported to Woodpecker

  • Initial email will be sent to list in Woodpecker

  • Email will include link to a webpage with a FunnelBud form

  • When prospects opens, click a link or reply to the email, or are manually marked as Interested in Woodpecker, they will be sent over to FunnelBud

  • When they are sent over to FunnelBud, email sequence from Woodpecker will be stopped and they will enter a new process in FunnelBud

  • FunnelBud will assign them to Cold emailing campaign to indicate source

  • FunnelBud will save standard contact info as well the name of the campaign from Woodpecker

  • FunnelBud will save cold email status as opened email, clicked link, replied to email, marked as interested to indicate which action in Woodpecker triggered the sync

  • If they replied but said something like "Please don't send me an email or remove me from your mailing list", they can be marked as Not Interested in Woodpecker and an automation in FunnelBud will automatically unsubscribed them.

It's important that choose a trigger that clearly indicates that the prospect has engaged with the email. This will reduce the number of contacts you are sending to FunnelBud. But you should be more concerned with the quality of the contacts being sent to FunnelBud than the quantity.

Spam issues such as hitting spam traps, can cause significant damage to your brand, domain reputation, and can take an incredibly long time to be resolved and could cause problems for months or years.

Please take the time to read and follow Cold Email Best Practices.

Zapier implementation:

Here are all the available Woodpecker triggers you can use. Those in bold texts are the ones used in the cold emailing process.

    • Prospect Interested - Triggers when you mark a prospect who replied as INTERESTED.

    • Email Opened - Triggers when a prospect opens your email.

    • Prospect Replied - Triggers when a prospect replies to your email or is manually marked as REPLIED in Woodpecker.

    • Email Sent - Triggers when Woodpecker sends an email to prospect from campaign.

    • Prospect Maybe Later - Triggers when you mark a prospect who replied as MAYBE LATER.

    • Prospect Autoreplied - Triggers when you get an autoresponder from a prospect, or when you manually mark a prospect as AUTOREPLIED.

    • Prospect Invalid - Triggers when a prospect’s email address format is correct but such a mailbox does not exist on an external server. This check takes place when Woodpecker tries to send an email to this prospect. Status gets changed to INVALID in Woodpecker.

    • Prospect Bounced - Triggers when a prospect’s email address bounces your message and the prospect status gets changed to BOUNCED in Woodpecker.

    • Prospect Blacklisted - Triggers when a prospect status is changed to BLACKLISTED manually or when prospect unsubscribes from Woodpecker.

    • Follow-Up After Autoreply - Triggers when you set a date for resuming follow-ups after you got an autoreply from a prospect.

    • Link Clicked - Triggers when a prospect clicks on a link in your email.

    • Prospect Not Interested - Triggers when you mark a prospect who replied as NOT INTERESTED.

Here are all the available actions that you can do in Woodpecker. The in bold text is used in the cold emailing process.

    • Create/Update Prospect in Campaign - Adds a new prospect or updates existing prospect's data in a chosen campaign.

    • Create/Update Prospect - Adds a new prospect or Updates existing prospect in the list of Prospects.

    • Stop Follow-Ups - Stop follow-ups planned for this prospect.