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Written by: Sheryll ChuaContributors: Sam Koekemoer


Cold email is an email sent to a prospect or potential customer who has no prior relationship with you or has not opted in to receive email from you.

Cold emails are often sent to a purchased list. However, keep in mind that FunnelBud does not allow the use of such kind of list.

What you can do instead is to use a system that is specifically made to send cold emails, add a link to a FunnelBud landing page or a webpage with a FunnelBud form. Below is a recommended procedure on how you can do this.

Recommended cold emailing process using a purchased list:

  • Acquire a list of work-e-mail-addresses from a partner company.
  • If possible, create segments in the list (based on prospects' location, position/title, etc).
  • Import this list to a cold emailing application. Remember: It is strictly not allowed to import this into FunnelBud for the reasons explained in this article.)
  • Send a cold email to the list to introduce your business/products/services (who you are, what you do, and how this is relevant to their work.)
  • The goals of the email can be any or all of the following:
    • to generate interest and create brand awareness
    • to gather information about each segment
    • to make prospects do something by using a strong and clear CTA in the email - it can be a link to a landing page, a link to a website so you can retarget them later through ads, a link to a gated download page, a link to a tracked media, etc
  • Integrate with FunnelBud such that when prospects engage with the cold emails and opted in, they will be added automatically to FunnelBud

Benefits of sending only those prospects who opted in into FunnelBud:

  • You are not allowed to import purchased or scraped lists into FunnelBud.
  • Deliverability is one of the main critical issues with any email marketing system. Although FunnelBud has one of the best deliverability rates in the industry due to their strict opt-in and email whitelabelling policies, and good IP ranges, this method will increase your deliverability rate even more and lead to more of your emails landing in the Inbox rather than the "Other" or "Spam" folders.

Woodpecker and FunnelBud

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Cold email best practices

  1. Personalized your cold emails. You cannot mass-cold email "marketing emails" that are purchased. That is the definition of spam. That's why systems such as Woodpecker have special functions for making emails look like they come from an individual and are sent individually. Cold marketing emails are either illegal in many countries, or viewed as spam by most people and can destroy their brand . So, in any case, your emails should be personal and not look like marketing. It should look like a person researched the company and sent an individual email.
  2. Do not send from a noreply email address. Sending from a noreply email address will make the email look like marketing, but the lack of Unsubscribe link and so on makes it look personal. A marketing email without an Unsubscribe link could be prejudiced, and a personal email sent from a noreply email may be prejudiced as well.
  3. Do not continue to email people who don't interact with emails. This is totally counterproductive and will lead to less sales, not more. A) It's definitely not going to lead to any more sales (how would continuing to email people who are obviously not interested going to lead to sales?). Rather, it's likely to even alienate those people even more. And B) your overall deliverability rates will suffer drastically if they keep emailing people who never click, so even legitimate people won't get emails as frequently.