Inbound Funnel

How to build an Inbound Funnel - step by step

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What is an Inbound Funnel?

An Inbound Funnel is a targeted buying journey aimed at capturing leads in a specific buying situation, by offering them something of value on a landing page so that they opt in to receive it, and then following up with educational content until they are interested in talking to a sales person.

An inbound funnel consists of the following components

  • An offer

  • A Landing Page with a Form

  • A Thank You email

  • Nurturing emails

  • Qualification mechanism

How to build an inbound funnel step by step

The best order to create your inbound funnel in is the following, in order to not need to skip back to previous components:

    1. Upload Media Center item (the offer your lead is supposed to download)

    2. Create Thank You (TY) email with guide link as media center link (this is the email a lead gets with their download immediately upon submitting the form)

    3. Create a nurturing email (it's OK to just have Lorum Ipsum text in them for now, you can edit later). Embed the trackable link from the Media Center Asset in text or a button.

    4. Create your form and add the TY email to be sent from the form upon submission

    5. Create a Visual Workflow which will send the nurturing email

    6. Create Landing Page and add the form, plus the Thank You Page (it is OK if you don't have the full content and design yet or if you just add Lorum Ipsum text - you can add or refine the content later)

    7. Create a Campaign to track clicks from each source of leads and group the campaigns under a Campaign Tag

Now you have created all the assets, and you can edit and add the content.