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Eventbrite - FunnelBud Integration

Using Eventbrite is the easiest way to set up an event process in FunnelBud. Eventbrite is an event management platform and has most the features that you need when launching an event. Integrating it with FunnelBud via Zapier will allow us to use these features as well as FunnelBud's functionalities and setup time is faster and easier compared to when we create our own event process in FunnelBud. You can manage your events in Eventbrite, while all post-event emails and activities can be done in FunnelBud.

FunnelBud and Eventbrite integration is a one-time setup but there are things that you need to do everytime you have a new event.

How this works:

  • You will create a new event in Eventbrite everytime you need to launch and promote an event.

  • If you have a list of contacts that you want to invite, you will import them to Eventbrite and send email invitations from Eventbrite.

  • Optionally, you can also promote the event registration link in social media or add it to your website.

  • Your guests will register via the form in the registration page and all their submitted information will be saved in FunnelBud.

  • You will send email reminders in Eventbrite. You will need to create the email reminder for each event and schedule it manually. Note: It is possible to do is in FunnelBud but we don't recommend it as email reminders will still be sent even when a guest has cancelled the registration.

  • After the event, you can separate all attendees of the event in a list and send post-event emails or marketing emails to them or enter them into a nurturing email drip in FunnelBud.

Other possible options:

  • You can resend email invitations to those who were invited but did not register.

  • You can create a waitlist and email them when there are slots available.

  • You can automatically check in guests via Eventbrite mobile app and update the contact's information in FunnelBud.

  • You can send or schedule post-event emails from FunnelBud and either include a link to a survey in for example SurveyMonkey or similar, or build a survey with FunnelBud forms. For “anonymous feedback” we recommend external survey tool, for personal feedback you want to save on the contact profile (for example this might give you good information about how “hot” a lead is and be used in lead scoring), we recommend FunnelBud forms.

Eventbrite Features

1. Public / Private Events

An event can be public or private. If the event is public, it will appear in Eventbrite's list of events on their website.

If it's private, you have 3 options:

  1. Anyone with a link can access it. For example, you can send an email invitation from FunnelBud with the link to the registration page or you can post the link to social media. Anyone who has access to the link will be able to register to the event.

  2. Only people with an Eventbrite invitation. This means you can only send email invitation from Eventbrite and only those who received the invitation will be able to register to the event.

  3. Only people with password. This means that only those with password can register to the event.

Free / Paid Events

An event can be free and paid. Eventbrite is free to use for free events. However, Eventbrite will get a percentage of your ticket sales if you have a paid event.

Asking Donation for an event is also an option.

Tickets and Venue Capacity

For free events - create free tickets. For paid events - create paid tickets.

You can create multiple ticket types (for example, tickets with different prices depending on their seat location). You can set the maximum number of tickets per ticket type. You can also set the number of tickets per person per registration. This means that it's possible to restrict the registration to one person only, or to allow customers to register multiple guests in a single registration.

You can also choose where you want to sell the tickets: Everywhere, online only, or at the door only.

If you have more than one ticket types, you can also set your maximum venue capacity.

One-time / Recurring Events

For one-time events, you need to create a new event in Eventbrite everytime you want to launch a new event. But you can also set it up as recurring event if you have the same event multiple times over a certain period.

For recurring events, you can set it up as daily, weekly, and monthly. For weekly, you can specify what day of the week it will repeated and for monthly, what day of the month. You can specify how long the recurring events will run.

Registration Form and Events Registration Page

You need to use Eventbrite form and event registration page. If integrating with FunnelBud, all customers who fill out the form will be saved in FunnelBud as well. Eventbrite allows you to customize the event registration page by adding your own header image, changing the color theme of the page, selecting language but the layout of the page is fixed.

Eventbrite form has a set of standard fields that you can simply turn on or off, depending on which information you'd like to collect during registration. But it's also possible to add custom fields. Field types available are text, textarea, dropdown, radio buttons, checkboxes. You can choose to display specific custom fields in specific ticket types - which is good if you are collecting different information depending on their ticket type.

You can allow individual or group registration. If you're allowing a person to register multiple guests (group registration), you can set if you'd like to have a form for each guest or you only want to collect information of the person who is registering.

Registration Confirmation Email

After registering to an event, Eventbrite will send the registration confirmation email. This cannot be by-passed and cannot be done in FunnelBud instead. Eventbrite allows you to customize certain content of the confirmation email, but the layout and design of the email is fixed. Some text will be in English and will also contain Eventbrite logo and links to Eventbrite social media at the bottom.

You can also choose to attached the ticket to the confirmation email. Also at the bottom, you will find a link to manage your registration.

Registration Page

Like in confirmation email, you can customized certain content of the registration page. But the layout and design is fixed.


Eventbrite allows you to have common phrases and words (especially the ones used in the confirmation email and registration page) to be translated to another language. Languages available are: Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish.

Email Invitations

You can choose to send email invitation via Eventbrite or FunnelBud. You need to add a list of the contacts you want to invite, import them to Eventbrite and send the invitation. The process is almost the same for sending email invitation via FunnelBud.


This feature is only available when you send email invitations in Eventbrite. You can enable RSVP tracking and give invitees the option to respond "Yes," "No," or "Maybe." If they choose Yes, they will be directed to the event registration page. If the response is No or Maybe, they will have the option to include a message that will only be visible to you.

Email Reminders and other post-event emails

We recommend sending email reminders in Eventbrite and sending post-event emails in FunnelBud.


A waistlist feature can be enabled in Eventbrite. You can choose to activate waitlist when all tickets have been sold out (if you only have 1 ticket type) or certain ticket type has been sold out (if you have multiple ticket types), or the maximum venue capacity has been reached. You can also set how many people can be in a waitlist.

You can manage your waitlist separately and choose people you want to release slots to. For example, if you decided to add 10 more tickets or if 10 guests have cancelled their registration but you have 20 people in the waitlist, you can choose only 10 people to notify that slots have been reopened and they can register again. Or you can choose to notify all 20 and only the first 10 people who will register will get the slot.

Managing Registrants and Attendees

Cancelling and Updating Registration

Registrants can cancel their registration or you can cancel it for them. For registrants, they need to click the View and Manage you order online link in the confirmation email and they need to sign up to Eventbrite in order to update their registration. If you're doing it for them, you can do it via Manage Attendees section in Eventbrite.

In the same section, you will see the list of people who registered, canceled their registration, and attended the event. You can also add, cancel and delete guests manually.


Eventbrite has a check-in feature that allows you to check guests in using your mobile phone. You just need to download the Eventbrite app.

Using Eventbrite is not for you if:

1. you want 100% control over the design of confirmation email and registration page.

2. you are very particular about branding. Eventbrite email and registration page contain logo and links that cannot be removed.

3. you want an easy way for guests to cancel or update their registration without signing up to Eventbrite.