Active Lead Counter


This setup is designed to add 1 to a custom field every time a lead performs some kind of tracked activity, that field can then be used as a single trigger in other Workflows.

We recommend doing this instead of adding all of the triggers to your other workflow, as many other implementations use this counter field. If you were to add a new website for example, you would only need to add a new trigger to this workflow, instead of several workflows.

Custom Field

Create a new text input type custom field called "Active Lead Counter". Don't check any of the checkbox options

Workflow: Active Lead

Trigger: When a contact fills out any form at any time

Trigger: When a contact returns from any email at any time

Trigger: When a contact visits the website "your website" 1 time or more - Repeat this trigger for each of your tracked sites

Action: Increment the counter field "Active Lead Counter" by 1