What can be synced

Written by: Nikola Knezevic.Contributed by: Yusuf Young, ...

Note: This page is unfinished. Please contact your project manager or support@funnelbud.com for more questions.


Can be read and written:

  • Standard Fields
  • Custom Fields


Can be read:

  • lead Owner Change
  • outgoing Call (read, or write via logCall event)
  • incoming Call (read, or write via logCall event)
  • email Sent (read)
  • email Opened (read)
  • lead Creation
  • email Visit (read)
  • form Submit
  • important PageVisit (read)
  • getEvent
    • Any page visit (read)

Can be written:

  • logCall (log a phone call)

Cannot be accessed:

  • Meeting
  • Notes


Account standard fields including custom field can be synced.


All opportunity standard fields including the custom fields.