Salesforce Integration

For FunnelBud: Also see Internal FunnelBud documentation

Note: FunnelBud has a native Salesforce integration, or we can build a custom one via API. The below addresses only the native one.

FunnelBud has a built in Salesforce setup module. Note that this has an additional cost. Here is how it works.

Why should you sync Salesforce with FunnelBud?

Using FunnelBud's Salesforce sync allows you to align sales and marketing by letting you do this, among many other things:

  1. Have all contacts with correct information in the correct marketing lists.

  2. Allow sales to see information about what their contacts are doing on the website and in your marketing emails using Tasks in Salesforce.

  3. Lets you create sales automations that allow sales to add contacts into nurturing and sales automations.

  4. Nurture and follow up contacts with onboarding campaigns, reactivation campaigns, cross- and upselling campaigns, and other marketing activities based on Salesforce activity.

What we need to set it up

  • Login to Salesforce (Administrator)

  • Automatic password expiration must be turned off for that user

  • Salesforce license with API Access (Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance editions historically, check current packages to confirm)

  • Leads MUST have a Last Name and Company name to be synced.

  • Contacts only require an Email address

What it syncs

Two-way sync of Leads and Contacts in Salesforce, with Contacts in FunnelBud incl. Lead Owner.

  • New contacts or Leads in Salesforce will automatically be added as Contacts in FunnelBud.

  • New contacts in FunnelBud will automatically be created as new Leads in Salesforce, provided that they have a Last Name and Company Name.

All standard and custom fields on contacts and leads.

  • Picklists/dropdown fields must exist in Salesforce first, and then created in FunnelBud during sync setup. Any new picklists created after the initial setup must first be created in Salesforce, then added to the sync setup in FunnelBud, which will automatically create the matching FunnelBud field.

Events (Life of the Lead). We can select which events to sync (these will be created as Tasks in Salesforce):

  • Form Submissions

  • Email Sends

  • Email Opens

  • Email Clicks

  • Page Visits


  • Campaigns created in Salesforce or FunnelBud will be synced to the other system. Contact/Lead associations with campaigns are not synced.

Salesforce Widgets. You can create two types of widgets in Salesforce:

  • Lead score widget - displays the FunnelBud lead score on the contact

  • Lead link widget - show a link to the contact in FunnelBud

Link from FunnelBud contact to Salesforce lead/contact (and vice versa using widget mentioned above).

Considerations for initial setup

  • No existing contacts will be synced in either direction when the sync is turned on unless special steps are followed. Consult your Project Manager.

  • Last Name and Company Name is required for all Leads in Salesforce, so it should ideally be added and required on all forms.