PipeDrive integration with Funnelbud

Written By: Yusuf YoungContributors: Sam Koekemoer

Here's a summary of how it works:

1. When a contact submits a FunnelBud form, the following is created in Pipedrive:

a) If the contact doesn't already exist, it is created, otherwise updated. The contact has a direct link to the same profile in FunnelBud, where reps can see its timeline to get even more details (all pages visited, emails opened and clicked, and more).

b) Deal is created in Pipedrive if there's no deal since before, and assigned to the contact owner, otherwise to the sales manager.

c) Activity OR Note with the type "FunnelBud form fill" with due date today is created, assigned to the contact owner or the sales manager with due date today.

2. Almost all fields are synced both ways.

a) If a contact fills out a form, new information is synced to Pipedrive so that sales always have the latest info.

b) If a sales rep edits contact info in Pipedrive, it is synced back to FunnelBud so that the contact is always in the correct lists and automations.

c) Drop-Down or Checkbox Group fields can only sync FROM PipeDrive to FunnelBud, not in reverse.

3. Automations can be triggered directly from Pipedrive

Below are examples of sales automations that makes selling more effective for sales:

a) Select a Pipedrive dropdown which nurturing campaign you want to add a contact to (Pipedrive has a mobile app which allows you to do this right from the mobile after a meeting, or add new contacts on the go which will auto-populate in FunnelBud)

b) Sales can see notifications and get activities assigned to them when contacts interact on the website or gain lead score - so that there are always hot leads to work on

c) See which pages contacts have visited directly in Pipedrive

And much more!

Optional Extras:


We can optionally filter which contacts are synced by placing them into a list or marking them with a custom field.

Set Default Values:

If a new contact is created during the sync, we can set default values for any fields that are blank

Trigger Marketing Activities:

By creating a dropdown field with a list of possible marketing actions in both systems, we can allow sales people to update that field in PipeDrive, which triggers a Drip Campaign or any other type of automated actions in FunnelBud.