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Written By: Sam Koekemoer

This page is not meant as a guide to social posting. If you need to know how to use the feature, please refer to the following resources:


LinkedIn has placed severe limitations on the ability for external applications like FunnelBud to create posts with rich content. We highly recommend posting directly in LinkedIn to avoid discrepancies between what you see and what actually gets posted, at least until LinkedIn improves their connections to external applications.

FunnelBud Landing Pages - FunnelBud's current landing page setup does not contain the correct meta-tag for images to be displayed in LinkedIn - we have sent in a feature request to change this and are eagerly waiting for an update.

When posting a link in FunnelBud, they will show you a preview of what your post will look like. FunnelBud is only able to send LinkedIn the actual link, so the metadata that FunnelBud finds and shows you can sometimes be more detailed than the metadata that LinkedIn detects - therefore, your feature images may be missing after posting.

In order for your posts to be posted with correct titles, description and images, you need to make sure that the pages you link to have proper meta-tags. Images should also be 1200 pixels wide or wider for LinkedIn to properly detect them.

Required Meta Tags:

Additional information from LinkedIn


Facebook recently made a policy change that will affect FunnelBud Social. Users can no longer be able to publish posts to personal Facebook profiles via FunnelBud. You can still post to public pages that you manage, such as a business page. However, you can no longer publish posts directly to your personal profile. This new Facebook policy impacts every social media management tool.

For more information, refer to the following Facebook blog post:


We have not yet found any significant limitations with posting to Facebook or Twitter. If you find any limitations, please let us know at support@funnelbud.com