Written By: Contributors: Sam Koekemoer, Marian Semchyshyn
How to connect Linkedin account to FunnelBud.webm

How to Connect your Social Media accounts

  • Connect from an incognito window.

  • Log in into your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account first.

  • You need to reconnect Facebook and LinkedIn accounts every 60 days (you will receive a reminder via email).

  • If you change your password, you will need to re-establish your social media connection.

Best Practices

As with every source of leads, you should create Campaigns to track clicks from your social posts.
We recommend that you create one campaign for each medium, called "Facebook Post", "LinkedIn Post" and "Twitter Post". Please choose channel "Social Media" for campaign.
When you add a link to your social posts (all social posts should contain a link to a tracked page with a form to capture leads), select the Campaigns icon and choose the campaign for the medium you're posting on.

When anyone clicks from these posts and fills out a form, they will be attributed to the correct social campaign.

Breakdown of the different feed types

Social Listening feeds

Breakdown of the different feed types

What types of actions can be tracked?


  1. Commented on your post

  2. Liked your post

  3. Tagged you in their Facebook post


  1. Commented on your post

  2. Liked your post


  1. @mentioned you on Twitter

  2. Retweeted you on Twitter

How are Social Interactions tracked?

LinkedIn and Twitter: Profiles are matched based on your contact's email address, therefore the match is generally precise

Facebook: Profiles are matched based on First Name and Last Name, as well as some additional heuristics. Matches may not be precise as a result.