Tracking the Media Center Asset


Once you have created your media center asset, it is time to set up trackable links. If you want the Analytics to show where the trackable link was clicked (for example from an email, from social media, or on a landing page), you should create a trackable link for each medium. Otherwise, it is enough to create a single trackable link for all mediums.

To create a trackable link:

  • Go to Content > Media

  • Find your media asset

  • Click on "Trackable Links"

  • Click "Add Trackable Link"

  • Give the trackable link a name (eg. Link for Emails)

  • Click "Add Link"

To retrieve the link, click on Trackable Links again, and then click on "Copy [the name of your trackable link]". Then you can paste the link in your emails, landing pages and so on.