Overview of Media Center

The Media Center is used for tracking assets that would not otherwise be trackable - these are assets that cannot be used in conjunction with the FunnelBud tracking code. The FunnelBud tracking code runs on your website and tracks all page visits there, however any interactions your leads have with downloadable files on your website or clicks to external websites (partners, social media, YouTube links for example) won't be tracked. This is where the Media Center steps in.

There are two main types of assets that can be tracked:

  • External Links

    • Links to Facebook profiles

    • Links to YouTube videos

    • Links to Partners

    • etc.

  • Uploaded Files

    • PDF's - White Papers, Ebooks

    • Images

    • etc.

By using the Media Center we can track individual clicks to these assets, and optionally segment the clicks by different mediums that the asset was used on. We can also easily update the content of a Media Center asset without affecting existing links.