Media Center

What is the Media Center used for?

The Media Center is used for tracking assets that would not otherwise be trackable - these are assets that cannot be used in conjunction with the FunnelBud tracking code. The FunnelBud tracking code runs on your website and tracks all page visits there, however any interactions your leads have with downloadable files on your website or clicks to external websites (partners, social media, YouTube links for example) won't be tracked. This is where the Media Center steps in.

There are two main types of assets that can be tracked:

  • External Links
    • Links to Facebook profiles
    • Links to YouTube videos
    • Links to Partners
    • etc.
  • Uploaded Files
    • PDF's - White Papers, Ebooks
    • Images
    • etc.

By using the Media Center we can track individual clicks to these assets, and optionally segment the clicks by different mediums that the asset was used on. We can also easily update the content of a Media Center asset without affecting existing links.

Creating a Media Center asset

  1. Start by going to Content > Media
  2. Click on "+ New Media"
  3. Name the media
  4. Write a description
  5. Choose other options:
    1. Share with Team - Tick this if you want other users to see your media assets and analytics (generally yes)
    2. Available in Emails - Tick this if you want to use the trackable links in Emails (generally yes)
    3. Available in Contact Manager - Tick this if you want to be able to send this media asset to individual contacts (generally no - media is more often distributed through Emails)
  6. Upload a file or provide a link
  7. Save the media asset

See it in action

Tracking the Media Center Asset

Once you have created your media center asset, it is time to set up trackable links. If you want the Analytics to show where the trackable link was clicked (for example from an email, from social media, or on a landing page), you should create a trackable link for each medium. Otherwise, it is enough to create a single trackable link for all mediums.

To create a trackable link:

  • Go to Content > Media
  • Find your media asset
  • Click on "Trackable Links"
  • Click "Add Trackable Link"
  • Give the trackable link a name (eg. Link for Emails)
  • Click "Add Link"

To retrieve the link, click on Trackable Links again, and then click on "Copy [the name of your trackable link]". Then you can paste the link in your emails, landing pages and so on.


See it in action

Replacing a Media Center Asset

If you need to update your media file or link, you can simply update the Media Asset. All existing trackable links will point to the new asset.

  • Go to Content > Media
  • Select the correct tab (My Media or Shared Media, depending on whether you or someone else created it)
  • Click on the Gear/Cog icon next to the Media
  • Click Edit
  • In the section "Replace this media with a new file?", upload a file or add a new link
  • Click Save Media at the bottom right

See it in action

Media Center Analytics

The Media Center analytics will show you all of the clicks by existing contacts or anonymous visitors. They can be filtered by individual trackable links, so you can see where your media was viewed from.

Written by: Sam Koekemoer