Manual List vs Rules-Based List

Manual lists do not automatically contain any members, instead you can add contacts:

  1. Manually

    1. From within the list

    2. From a Contact's Profile (make the list available in the Contact Manager first, in the list options)

    3. From Advanced Search in the Contact Manager

  2. By using Workflow or Action Group

  3. Imported from a spreadsheet

  4. Imported from another list (using the options at the top right when you have the list open)

Rules-based lists can be configured to automatically add contacts that meet the list rules

IMPORTANT: Rules-based lists will remove any contacts that don't meet the list rules when any of their information relating to those rules is updated. This includes:

  1. Contacts that were added through Workflow or Action Group

  2. Contacts Imported from another list

  3. Contacts Imported using the Import tool

Manually added contacts will remain in the rules-based list until they are manually removed.