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Contacts from submitted forms are not added to the list

You can follow these steps in order to troubleshoot why contacts are not added to the form. How are contacts meant to be added to the list?

Rules-Based List

Visual Workflow

    • Make sure to go into your List Settings and see if actions are correctly set

    • Make sure that filters in List Settings are correctly set

    • Sometimes, option like When all or When any are overlooked. See if that option is set correctly

    • Is your form active and appears on landing page

    • Does it have required fields

    • Did you used Visual Workflows to add people to the list, if you did, check triggers and filters there as well

PEOPLE HAVE STARTED filling out my form, but I forgot to make a list

All you need to do now is create a Rules-based list

  • Simple navigate to the Content > Forms

  • Select your form

  • Click on Submissions (and here you can see all people who filled in your form)

  • You can then add each person to your list

Then you can click on each person and add them to the list by clicking on green Add to button.

Select option Add to List and select list of your choice.