Deactivating and Reactivating List

Deactivating and Reactivating List.MP4
    1. To deactivate a list, you must be in the Active List window.

    2. On the rightmost side of the list, click the settings icon ⚙️

    3. Select Deactivate List.

    4. To activate a list, go to the Inactive List window.

    5. Click the settings icon ⚙️

    6. Select Activate List.

Note: Deactivating a list will not delete the leads on the list. When you deactivate a list and it is sent to the Inactive tab, the Delete Permanently menu option becomes available. You can choose to restore the list or delete it permanently.

When you choose to Delete Permanently, the leads on that list will be permanently deleted from FunnelBud. Deleting the list and leads is irreversible so be sure that you really want to delete these leads.