Common List

Creating a list of other lists (With Exclusions

Option 1:

This option is appropriate IF:

  • No new people are going to be added to the original lists (or they will, but you don't need to update the new list with the new people)


  • You don't need to exclude any other lists

Option 2:

This option is appropriate IF:

  • Your original lists might change (and you want the new one to be updateable)


  • You need to exclude members of another list from this list.


  1. Start by creating a new Manual List that will contain all of the other lists

  2. For each of the lists you wish to include, follow these steps:

    1. Click on the gear button at the top right of the list

    2. Select the option "Import Contacts from a List"

    3. Select the list you wish to include

    4. Click Add List


See it in action

Option 2:

  1. Start by creating a new Rules-Based List

  2. Select the option "Build only once with current contacts"

  3. For each list that you want to INCLUDE, add a rule:

    1. When a contact "Is member of the list" "Start typing the list name and select it".

    2. If the list is going to be used for emails only, there is no need to tick the option "Include unsubscribes & bounces"

  4. If you need to exclude other lists from this list, add a new rule group by clicking the blue button "+ New Group".

  5. Select the option "When all of the groups" conditions are met. This option is in the same bar as the "+ New Group" button.

  6. In the second rule group, select the option "when all" of the following conditions are met

  7. For each list that you want to exclude, add a rule to the second rule group:

    1. "Add the filter" When a contact "Is not member of the list" "Start typing the list name and select it".

  8. When you have finished adding rules, click "Save Changes" at the bottom.

If you ever need to update this list with new contacts that were added to the original lists, simply click the top right gear button in the list and select "Rebuild List"


See it in action

Creating a list of all contacts

To create a list of all contacts, you must create a rules-based list of contacts with email addresses:

  1. Click + Add New List in the Lists window or the + icon > List from anywhere in the system

  2. Enter the name of the list and select Rules-based

  3. Optionally, you can select a folder where to put the list in and add a description

  4. Click Create List

  5. You will be redirected to the List Settings where you can create rules that will automatically add contacts to the list

  6. Click + Add Rule and under Lead, select "has the field"

  7. Under "When contact has the field", enter Email, then enter @ in the next input field, and select included in the dropdown

  8. Click Save