Clearing contacts from a list (all, unsubscribes, hard bounces)


Clear unsubscribes

As the name suggest, this option will remove contacts that unsubscribed and will keep you list nice and clean.

Options that appear when you click settings icon will provide you a way to choose what type of contacts you can remove from a list.

Clear all contacts from List

This option will remove all contact from a list. If you select this option, popup will appear for you to confirm that you really want to clear contacts. Follow instructions on a popup and type CLEAR if you are 100% sure you will like to remove all contacts.

Clear Hard Bounce

Email addresses can hard bounce for a number of reasons. Some reasons involve the email address being valid. For situations where a valid email address is flagged for a hard bounce and excluded, there is a way to remove that lead from your exclusions and get them back to receiving your communications. This article will provide information on removing the hard bounce status and resubscribing hard bounced leads.

Important: Resubscription should only be done for email addresses you are absolutely sure are valid and the bounce happened as a result of some extraneous circumstance, such as an overly aggressive firewall or filter. Resubscribing an invalid email address will cause the send to hard bounce again, hurting your sender statistics.