Build only once lists

Why building only once lists

As you can guess from a title, building lists only once are exactly as it says. If you need to build list that is created with current entries inside a FunnelBud and you do not need them to be dynamic, changed or affected by future changes, then you should build so-called only once list.

Real life scenario that can help you understand is when these lists are in use is when a client asks you to create a list of contacts or leads for them at a certain point in time. Example, visitors signed up for a webinar that was last month, and the client asked for a list of leads just for that webinar. Considering that there will be no further signups, you can build this list only once.

Can be used when client asks for leads list in order to import them into some other system.

How to do this

To create build only once list

  • Go to New > Lists

  • Name your list

  • In the section Dynamic or Static select Build only once with current contacts

  • Create appropriate filters or triggers

  • Save Changes