Adding contacts to list manually


Adding contact in the list page

    1. Go to List > List.

    2. Open the list that you want to add contact to.

    3. In the Add New Member text bar, type the name or email of the contact.

    4. In the dropdown menu, click the contact to add to the list.


Adding contact to a list in Contact Manager.

    1. Make sure that the list you want to add contact to is available in the Contact Manager. If not, edit the list, go to settings ⚙️ and click Make Available in Contact Manager.

    2. Go to Contact Manager and find the contact you want to add.

    3. Click the settings icon ⚙️ on the rightmost side opposite the contact, and select Add to List.

    4. Alternatively, if you're are already inside the individual contact record, click the 3-dot icon at the top (besides Save button) and select Add to List.

    5. Choose the list from the options.

    6. Click Add to List.