Redirecting a Landing Page

Written By: Sam KoekemoerContributors: ...

If you should ever need to redirect one landing page to another landing page or a page on your website, all you need to do is place a small snippet on the original landing page to redirect it to the new page.

Step 1: Create the script

Copy the code below, and add the new page link inside the quotes

  window.location.href =
    "your new page link goes here";

Step 2: Place the code on your landing page

First, open your landing page

  1. Click on the Code button
  2. Select All Pages from the dropdown on the left hand side (assuming you want to redirect all pages in the funnel, otherwise just select the page you want to redirect)
  3. Click on HEAD button on the right hand side
  4. Paste the edited code before all other code on the page
  5. Click SAVE & CLOSE
  6. Publish the landing page