FAQ | Pages & Page Builder

How to create a new page

In order to create a new Landing page, navigate to Content > Pages

Once you are there, click on settings icon on right top side and select New Landing Pages

How to put form on a page

  1. Inside the page builder, click on + sign (Add Content)

  2. Select ELEMENTS

  3. Select FORM

  4. Hover your mouse over the page where you want the form to go, wait for the purple line to appear. Click to place the form. If the purple line does NOT appear, the section likely is not editable, contact Support if you need help.

  • Select the pencil icon (Edit Content) from the left sidebar

  • Click on form placeholder image that appeared in your page.

  • Click on select a form option and from drop-down list click on the form that you want to appear on your page.

When form is submitted, page does not look like landing page

In order to create a styled page in page builder which user will see once form is submitted, you will have to go to page settings inside page builder and click on add new page link.

Then click on Edit Content and select/click on your form inside the page builder. Form options will appear on right. Find option called override redirect url with page and from drop down select new page that you just created. This page can be styled with page builder the same way as any other page.

I can't edit text that I added into a section

Sometimes you may encounter a problem when you try to edit text that you added to a section. This problem manifest it self in away that when you click on text and try to edit it, section edit option appears on right and not a text edit option. If this happens to you, you will have to click on Edit Code, find element that you can't edit (in our case h1 title heading) and add class name vt-content-editable.

My background image does not look good. How can I position background image

When you add background image to the section, FunnelBud resize the background image to cover the entire container, even if it has to stretch the image or cut a little bit off one of the edges. Sometimes you want your image to be always visible and positioned left or right. In order to do this, you will have to dig into the page source code.

Click on Edit Code, find section where you background image is. You will see style called: background-size: cover; This is what we will change.

You can change it to background-size: contain; and you can add additional style for position:

  • background-position: right center;

  • background-position: left center;

I created two pages and I do not see them

If you added more than one page inside page builder, then created pages are grouped into a funnel and are represented as green folder icon in your Pages section.