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Creating a custom / advanced landing page

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How to create a custome or advanced LP


In the dynamic content tab, changing the ALL to ANY will change how the code is setup so it would depend on the type of logic you would like to use!

Using ALL will apply an AND statement which would require all of the selections to be selected, where as ANY would require one or more to be selected.

Dynamic content directly after a submission may not always render right away as it takes some time for the information to go to the correct database in the backend, so it is usually best to have a page in between the page you would like to have dynamic content on (or if you have a developer, have them make a delay between page redirects). This applies to both landing pages and external pages with dynamic content.

How to create round headshot in LP.mp4

How to create round headshot

1. Make sure that your image is square and is cropped close to the face.

2. Click the image to open the image settings and set the Image Radius to circle.

Marketing Automation.webm

How to replace a published page with a new page without changing the Link of the page

  1. Edit the published page and change the URL.

  2. Publish the page and then, unpublish it.

  3. Next, edit the new page and make sure the URL is the same as the live link.

  4. Publish the new page.


How to View secure page

FunnelBud landing pages are secure. To access the landing page with HTTPS prefix:

  1. In the landing page builder, click the 3-dot icon beside the Publish button.

  2. Click View secure page

  3. You can remove the and anything that comes after html at the end of the URL. For example: If the secure URL is, you can shorten it to

  4. You can also access the secure URL in the Page settings