Using Progressive Fields

It's important to capture as much information from leads as possible. However, adding too many fields in forms increases the likelihood  that leads will abandon the form because it's too long.

To help keep your forms short but also be able to capture more information, you can use progressive fields to your forms. Progressive profiling fields will only display if the information for the specific field is unknown. If you already have information for the lead, the field will be replaced with a field you have yet to collect. This allows you to ask for more information from leads who filled out multiple times by displaying only the new fields that they haven't filled out yet.

Add Progressive Fields to Forms

Important: Form fields above the Progressive Profiling Fields line must have the Autofill option enabled in order to be replaced by progressive profiling fields. You must have an active tracking code on your website for progressive forms to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I add forms with progressive fields to FunnelBud landing pages?

A. Yes.

Q. How do required fields work when a form has progressive fields?

A. Any field that is flagged to be required will only be required when that field displays to the visitor. Required fields that have yet to display to the visitor will not prevent the form from submitting.

Q. Can referral fields be used as progressive profiling fields?

A. Referral fields are unavailable as progressive profiling fields.