Integrating with Gravity Forms

How to create a third-party form to be integrated with Gravity Form

  1. On the Forms page, click Create Form

  2. Enter the name of the form and select 3rd-party Form

  3. Select Gravity form from the options

  4. Select the approriate lead status

  5. Click Continue

  6. After the form has been created, the system will generate a code that you need to add to your website. Copy the generated Javascript code from the window that appears.

Keep this browser tab open.

How to create 3rd-party form.mp4

How to map the Gravity form fields to the third-party form

Note: Before doing this, make sure that the Gravity form was already created and added it to a page on your website.

  1. Open your website and paste the copied third-party embed code after the closing form tag of the form

  2. After saving, go to the page that has the form and fill it out

  3. Return to the form in the FunnelBud browser tab

  4. Click the Refresh this Page button

  5. Map the fields in the Field Mappings page that appears

  6. Click Save Mappings

The first submission will only map the Gravity form fields to the corresponding custom fields in FunnelBud and the data will not appear in the contact manager. The second person to fill out the form will be imported as a lead.

How to reset third-party form mappings

You need to reset the form mappings whenever you change something in the Gravity form or if the data submitted in the Gravity form are not saved in the Contact Manager.

  1. Open the 3rd-party form

  2. Click Reset Form Mappings

  3. Go to the page and fill out the form again

  4. Map the fields in the Field Mappings page that appears

  5. Click Save Mappings