Integrating with Contact Form 7

CreatE A Native Form

  1. Go to Forms and click Create Form button.

  2. Enter a name for the form.

  3. Select the Native Form radio button.

  4. Click the appropriate radio button to determine how contacts who fill out the form should be assigned.

  5. Keep the Allow a lead or contact record to be created even if an email address is not submitted checkbox unticked. (!Note: Checking this option will allow duplicate records to be created, since email address is the unique identifier in FunneBud)

  6. Click Continue.

  7. Copy the generated Javascript code from the window that appears.*

  8. Keep this browser tab open.**

Adding the javascript code

  1. Login your website and edit the Contact Form 7 HTML code.

  2. Paste the native form embed code that you copied earlier* after the closing form tag of the form on your website.

Map Contact Form 7 fields to Native form fields

  1. Fill out the form.

  2. Go back to FunnelBud form browser tab.**

  3. Click the Refresh this Page button.

  4. Map the fields in the Field Mappings page that appears.

  5. Click Save Mappings.

Mapping the fields indicates what those Form Fields refer to. Whenever you fill out the form for the first time, you are generating mapping data. As such, do not expect the lead to appear in the system until after the first entry. The second person to fill out the form will be imported as a lead.